Telenor is the first one to introduce the Mobile Banking in Pakistan which made it easy for those who haven't any Bank Account can avail banking facilities and the idea really reform the life of people from every walk of life. Easypaisa of Telenor really helped people, students and general public to transfer money from Mobile to Mobile, Mobile to ID Card within a few movements.

However there were some limitations and problems with previous system including limits of transferring money, person can send limited amount i.e. 10,000 per transaction, the same was applied to monthly and annually transactions.

Recently Telenor has extended the limits and has introduced the new level of Easypaisa. The new amendments in Easypaisa will indeed give benefits to entire Pakistani People.

Here are the new services offered by Telenor to its Easypaisa clients:

  • - Utility Bill Payments
  • - Mobile Top up
  • - Cash Deposit
  • - Cash Withdrawal
  • - Money Transfer
  • - Bill Payments (Wi-tribe, Wateen)
  • - Transfer In/out
  • - Schedule Payments

Here are the features of previous Easy Paisa Account:


  • - There was a daily limit of 10,000, i.e. one can send maximum of 10,000 Pakistani rupees to other, while the monthly limit was 20,000 with 120,000 rupees annual limit.
  • - If account holder of Easypaisa transferred 5000 to his account and then credit his account by sending the same to other person, his daily limit of 10,000 exhausted, and he will have to wait for next day to transfer or add money to his account
  • - A person can have only one account at the same time
  • - A person can hold maxim of 60,000 amount in his/her account

New Rules:

Telenor has introduced 3 types of new account with following features:

Level 2 Basic Account:

Basic account has a daily limit of 50,000 with 100,000 Monthly Limit and 6,00,000 annual limit


Level 2 A Type Account:

Level 2 A type Account comes with Daily Limit of 100,000, 200,000 Monthly limit and 1.2 million annual limit.

Level 2 B Type Account:

It has a daily limit of 250,000 with half million monthly limit. One can have 1.5 million maximum balance in his/her account, while it has annual limit of 3 million.


Level 2 C Type Account:

One can send maximum of 500,000 via daily transaction, while monthly limit is 1 million. You can transfer maximum of 6 million rupees in a year, while can hold 3 million balance maximum at a time.

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